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Frequently Asked Questions regarding your “Letter from Santa”
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Q. When can I order a personalised letter from Santa?
A. For All Personalised Posted letters it is advised to place your order as early as possible to ensure your letter is delivered in time for Christmas. Please check our Final Postal Dates below to make sure your letter will arrive in time for Christmas.
Q. When will the Santa Letters arrive?
A. All Letters ordered before December 1st will be posted to arrive between December 7th and December 12th. All orders received on or after December 1st will be posted within 3 days of receipt of the order.
Unfortunately, and beyond our control, we can not guarantee that letters, although posted on the same day, will arrive on the same day. This is down to Anpost’s delivery system. If you order two or more letters for the same address, we suggest that you “get to the post first” and if all letters do not arrive on the same day you can “hide” the arrived letters until the others arrive. We apologise for this possible inconvenience.

Final Postal Dates

  • All Orders for USA, Canada, Australia must be ordered by December 3rd to guarantee delivery before Christmas
  • All Orders for Mainland Europe must be ordered by December 14th to guarantee delivery before Christmas
  • All Orders for the UK must be ordered by December 16th to guarantee delivery before Christmas
  • All Orders for Ireland must be ordered by December 17th to guarantee delivery before Christmas

Q. Can I order a letter after the final postal dates?Cartoon Santa
A. Yes, but we cannot guarantee your letter will be received in time for Christmas. For Guaranteed delivery after your countries final postal date, you may order an Emailed version of the Letter from Santa. This will be sent via Email and can be printed out on your own printer.
Q. Is my personal Information Safe on
A. will treat all your personal information as confidential. We will never share or sell any personal information to any third party. Any details you provide are strictly confidential and they will never be sold or distributed to any third parties.
When you buy on, we will ask you to input and will collect personal information from you such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, recipient’s name, recipients address, etc. Your payment details are processed securely by PayPal. For their terms and conditions please visit
Q.How Secure are my credit/debit card details?
A. All transactions are handled via Paypal. Your card details are not seen or stored by us.
Q. I don have a PayPal account, how do I pay.
A. you do not need an account with PayPal to make a payment. Use the “guest” facility and make a credit/debit card payment as you would on any other site. For PayPal’s terms and conditions please visit
Q. Do you pass my details to any other companies
A. No. will never pass on any information (including personal details) to any third parties. We may on occasion send you details on other special offers Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.
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Countdown to Christmas
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