A Personalised Letter 

From Santa...

Happy Holidays

Dear “Your child’s name”

Happy Holidays! Greetings from a very busy North Pole! With Christmas nearly upon us, Myself and Mrs. Claus are getting ready for Christmas. The elves are working around the clock making lots of toys in the workshop. I hope we are able to fit them all in my sleigh! Ho, Ho, Ho!
Mrs. Claus is busy baking cookies so we all have plenty of energy to make lots of toys. My new red suit and boots for this year are ready and I’m making the final touches to my sleigh for the long flight. Rudolph and the other reindeer are practising day and night for their magical flight on Christmas Eve.
I’m so excited to be visiting you this Christmas. Its very tiring for the reindeer delivering presents all over the world so don’t forget to leave out some snacks for them as its a long journey from the North Pole to your home. Did you know that carrots help the Reindeer see in the dark! It would be really nice if you could leave me some cookies and milk too!
Make sure to be fast asleep on Christmas Eve before we arrive. If you hear any noise, don’t worry, its just my sleigh’s jingle bells letting you know I’m close! Ho Ho Ho !
Have a Merry Christmas

Santa Claus
Countdown to Christmas
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