A Personalised Letter 

From Santa...

Ho Ho Ho

Dear “Your child’s name”

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas from a cold and snowy North Pole. The temperature is currently -12 degrees. Myself and Mrs. Claus are keeping warm by the fire and are enjoying reading your lovely letter. I’ve been hearing some wonderful reports about you from my elves! Keep up the good work – I’m very proud to see your name on the nice list for 2020.

Rudolph and all the other reindeer are busy practising for their long flight! Like me, they are so excited for Christmas. My new suit for this year’s journey is almost ready and my boots are all polished and shiny. The elves are extra busy in their workshop getting ready for Christmas Eve. The workshop is full of toys ready to fill my sleigh. Mrs. Claus is baking lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies to keep their energy up. I hope the elves don’t eat them all before I get to sit down and enjoy some!! Ho Ho Ho!

I’ve just finished checking my list and I see you’ve asked for some wonderful gifts this year. Don’t forget to go to bed early because I can’t call if you’re still awake! I must go now and get back to my workshop to help the elves. I’ll be calling to you soon! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Have a Merry Christmas


Countdown to Christmas
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