A Personalised Letter 

From Santa...

Ho Ho Ho

Dear “Your child’s name”

Ho! Ho! Ho! Greetings from the frosty North Pole! I hope this letter finds you full of excitement and joy as we prepare for the most magical time of the year – Christmas! The elves and I have been hard at work in the toy workshop, crafting wonderful gifts for all the good boys and girls around the world.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on you, and I must say, I’m so proud of how kind, helpful, and well-behaved you’ve been this year. Your actions truly warm my heart and put a twinkle in my eye! It’s snowing and its very cold up here in Santa’s Village in the North Pole. Our mischievous elves can’t resist a good snowball fight. They dash through the snowy village, hiding behind snowbanks, and have the most epic snowball battles you’ve ever seen. It’s all in good fun, of course, and everyone ends up in fits of giggles. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Wrapping presents might sound like work, but the elves turn it into a lively competition. They race against the clock to see who can wrap the most gifts in the fanciest way possible. The winner gets a special treat! On the big night, be sure to leave some carrots for the reindeer and a little treat for me – perhaps a cookie and a glass of milk. It’s a long journey, and those tasty treats help keep our energy up!

Have a Merry Christmas
Santa Claus
Countdown to Christmas
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