A Personalised Letter 

From Santa...

Merry Christmas

Dear “Your child’s name”

Merry Christmas. It’s a very busy time here in the North Pole. Christmas Eve isn’t too far away now – are you excited? I wanted to write to you because you have been so good this year! The elves are busy helping me to stack the sleigh full of gifts and toys for all the good children. Mrs. Claus is cooking lots of cookies and the reindeer are busy practising for their flight on Christmas Eve.

Everyday my elves give me a good behaviour report for all the boys and girls around the world and they tell me all the good work you have been doing this year. I’m so proud of you. Mrs. Claus and I are so happy to bring toys and presents to children who are good to each other and who do well in school. We also love to hear about children who help with jobs at home. Remember, I’m checking my list twice so keep up the good work.

Rudolph and all the other reindeer are practising very hard and are so excited for Christmas. My new suit for this year’s journey is almost ready and my boots are all polished and shiny.

I have to go now and get back to helping the elves in the toy workshop. Remember to go to bed nice and early on Christmas Eve and don’t forget to leave me out some snacks. The reindeer might get hungry too so if you can leave out a treat for them also – carrots are their favourite. It will also help them fly faster for me! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Have a Merry Christmas

Santa Claus
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