A Personalised Letter 

From Santa...

Seasons Greetings

Dear “Your child’s name”

Season’s greetings from the snowy North Pole. The elves and I are super busy getting ready for Christmas. It won’t be long now until we are visiting you this year. I’ve been checking my “Naughty and Nice List” and I’m so happy to see your name at the top of the nice list. This makes me so happy. Well done!

The elves are working all day and all night in their workshop making lots and lots of toys for me to deliver on Christmas Eve. Mrs. Claus helps me wrap the presents and we both check our list to make sure that every gift gets loaded onto the sleigh. Rudolph and the other reindeer are practising their landing and take off skills.

There is a lovely smell of cookies coming from the kitchen. Mrs. Claus is baking chocolate chip cookies for the elves – its their favourite and mine too! I hope the elves don’t eat them all before I get to sit down and enjoy some!

I’ve just finished checking my list and I can see you’ve asked for some wonderful toys and gifts. Myself and Rudolph are so excited to call to your home this year. Don’t forget to go to bed early because I can’t call if you’re still awake! If you hear any noise, don’t worry, its just my sleigh’s jingle bells letting you know I’m close! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Have a Merry Christmas


Countdown to Christmas
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